urbs ampla, et munita Germ. ad Ieram fluv regiunculae instar, antea Mergisburgum, a Merovaeo Francorum Rege Cum arce S. Cyriaci. Incendio deformara, A. C. 1417. Antea sui pene iuris, sed ab Elect. Moguntino vindicata A. C. 1664. Vix 3. leuc. a Vimatia in Occ. 5. a. Iena. 3. a Gotha in Ort. 14. a Lipsia in Occ. Hic Concilium A. C. 932. 1073. 1074. contra Sacerdotes Goncubinarios, Vide tom. 9. Concil. Lambert, in Chron. et supra Erfordia.

Hofmann J. Lexicon universale. 1698.

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